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Sayers: Leveraging Experience and Technology in Cybersecurity

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Chris Callahan, President & CEO, SayersChris Callahan, President & CEO
The invulnerability for enterprise networks comprises of three main components—they are hardware, IT, and cybersecurity. For enterprises to safeguard themselves against a flurry of attacks, their hardware should be top of the line, their IT should be watchful and preventive, and their cybersecurity system should act as a cohesive nexus between both the IT and the hardware. Firewall is one of the most critical investments an organization can make—to ensure safety and compliance of assets along with comprehensive protection from threats. However, some companies do not have the capabilities or resources to fully execute a firewall strategy suitable for them and adhering to it. Sayers makes it possible for firms to make the right investment from creating processes to frontline support.

Sayers creates the perfect fusion of personalized IT solutions designed to meet the exact needs of each business. The company believes that success starts by building strong relationships with clients that are founded on trust, honesty, and respect. With those relationships in place, Sayers’ team of engineers apply their knowledge and experience to diagnose a problem, design and build the appropriate strategy, and manage the implementation process to completion.

Sayers offer services on all the essential fronts of enterprise security and its security solutions are dedicated to meet the needs of every business.

The company can help to develop and operationalize a project or ongoing program to upgrade and/or refresh your end user assets.

When it comes to cybersecurity, critical investments require crucial experts

Sayers expertise involves the assessment, design, and deployment of computing, storage, and virtualization—both on-premise and on the cloud across client IT infrastructures. The company is experienced in helping clients assess, architect, and deploy IT infrastructure such as servers, storage, networking, virtualization, backups, and disaster recovery. With decades of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the most innovative IT solutions, Sayers offer firewall services by analyzing and strategizing various approaches to enterprise security. With rise in cybersecurity threats, just purchasing new gear does not provide solution to all the security problems faced by enterprises. Sayers’ firewall ruleset reviews reveal critical information regarding policy analysis and with reports on network traffic, it helps clients to optimize and leverage their current firewall investments. During one of those firewall reviews for a client, Sayers discovered that purchasing additional equipment would not have helped resolve that enterprise’s pain points.

When a system of regional banks across The US faced firewall issues, they turned to Sayers to find out what they should do next. Sayers has ample experience in helping clients optimize and leverage current investments and hardwares without unnecessary purchases of new equipments hoping to solve those issues. Instead, Sayers helped the client discern inefficiencies and suggested a firewall ruleset review to find information about the client’s firewall policies and web traffic first. The review concluded that the issue was not because of inefficient equipment, but lack of resources in successfully creating a security plan to manage the existing firewall system to make it perform optimally.

Developing a partnership with Sayers means longevity of experience, future proofing company assets and safeguarding critical data at all times.
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Atlanta, GA

Chris Callahan, President & CEO

In 1984, Gale Sayers founded the company in the Chicago area. Gale brought the same work ethic and focus on teamwork and leadership to the business world that he was so well known for as a player in the NFL. Their mision is to foster an environment of collaboration, innovation, and dedication to the success of our team members and clients. Sayers' firewall rule set reviews reveal critical information regarding policy analysis and with reports on network traffic, it helps clients to optimize and leverage their current firewall investments