The Balancing Act: Network Security And Connectivity

Top 10 Checkpoint Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

Damaging IT infrastructures on multiple levels, including networks, virtual machines, endpoint devices, the Gen V or multi-vector cyberattacks have appeared as real threats to organizations across the globe. On a worse note, traditional firewall- or detection-based defense or ‘point solution’ fails to resist such attacks due to their inability to offer holistic security.

Set against this backdrop, cybersecurity solutions providers have indulged in a mission of securing enterprise networks, cloud, and mobile operations. Take Check Point Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., for instance. As a leading cybersecurity solutions provider to governments and corporate enterprises, the company offers a plethora of unique, state-of-the-art solutions to protect their clients from Gen V cyberattacks. Today, the company protects over 100,000 organizations irrespective of their sizes and area of operation. However, given the sophistication of cyber attacks due to lack of in-house expertise, several organizations look for a proper partner who will streamline every solution according to their business-specific needs.

With a comprehensive understanding of these requirements, Enterprise Security Magazine has compiled a list of the “10 Most Promising Check Point Consulting/Services Providers of 2020” to guide organizations in harnessing the power of new-age cybersecurity solutions for improving their efficiency.

We are glad to feature Brasil-based NTSec as a leading information security solutions provider for a secure and workable IT structure. Being a Check Point security technology partner, the company ensures 360-degree protection against cyberattacks with layered security solutions.

Another company that we are presenting is Trends & Technologies, Inc. Vietnam. Being a subsidiary of Trends & Technologies Holding Incorporated (TTHI), the company provides advanced technology at a reasonable fee.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeve, these firms are continually proving their mettle in the Check Point solutions and service realm.

We present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Most Promising Check Point Consulting/Services Providers - 2020.”

    Checkpoint Consulting/Services Companies

  • In 1984, Gale Sayers founded the company in the Chicago area. Gale brought the same work ethic and focus on teamwork and leadership to the business world that he was so well known for as a player in the NFL. Their mision is to foster an environment of collaboration, innovation, and dedication to the success of our team members and clients. Sayers' firewall rule set reviews reveal critical information regarding policy analysis and with reports on network traffic, it helps clients to optimize and leverage their current firewall investments

  • Through its partnership with Checkpoint, Trends & Technologies, Inc. addresses the consolidation of an organization’s security solutions through their Infinity Total Protection. The company’s solution provides real-time and integrated protection against multi vector cyberattacks across networks, endpoint, mobile and cloud. With its new market offering that focuses on digital transformation and cloud securities, the company consolidates and correlates the different security events real time. The company also automates remediation for all security breaches, and ultimately provide clients with cost savings they can reallocate to other business needs

  • AccessIT Group

    AccessIT Group

    AccessIT Group helps organizations by delivering tailored solutions for clients to drive their cybersecurity systems. It offers them strong security countermeasures and helps build a full spectrum security program that enables them to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of valuable data and assets. The company maintains a high level of industry and manufacturer certifications. Its team of seasoned engineers and sales staff are experts in the field of cyber and information security with real-life enterprise deployments experience

  • AdcareIT


    AdcareIT offers managed IT services, managed security services, along with technical support services. The company provides services on both delivery models and billing models, offering clients with a choice to focus more on their organizations' growth than matters related to their IT. With its continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance, a fixed monthly cost, improved security, and comprehensive reporting, AdcareIT has become the one-stop-shop for all the clients' IT needs, whether at home, office or on Mobility.

  • Capito


    Capito is a leading provider of IT services and solutions by offering end-user computing services, IT infrastructure and visualization solutions, laptop and mobile devices management, cloud services, storage solutions, security, and managed IT services. The company caters to commercial and public sector clients and has partnered with several vendors and Tier 1 system integrators throughout the UK. Its enthusiastic and highly skilled team are committed to deliver high quality services to all customers. By acting as their trusted IT partner of choice and drive their businesses forward

  • CBI


    CBI possesses the expertise to manage IT risk and makes sure clients’ data is secure, compliant, and easily available. The company’s subject matter experts, its tailored assessments, and custom solution help protect clients’ organizations’ information. For over two decades, clients have relied on CBI as their trusted advisor to meet their unique needs with solutions from experts in the industry. The team at CBI always ensures it delivers on every commitment made to clients and help safeguard and defends their network and endpoints, while testing and monitoring areas of possible operational risk and protecting their data

  • E Global

    E Global

    E-Global has over 18 years of experience and expertise in information technology and helps clients by offering a comprehensive portfolio of technological solutions, an experienced IT service desk, management network monitoring, and cybersecurity center. It also provides a team of specialists who design, operate and support the technical infrastructures. Viewing the value of data, E-Global additionally offers a portfolio of predictive cybersecurity integral architectures, with professional services that allows organizations to build and optimize their corporate models of security against daily risks

  • Kirey Group

    Kirey Group

    Kirey Group is an innovation provider of new business efficiency models. The company rigorously designs projects and supports clients through their digital transformation journey, offering them customized solutions, strategic consulting, and a full portfolio of IT services. The company aims at operational excellence, combining a team of experienced IT professionals who can develop complex IT solutions, while continually investing in research and development, offering clients with a competitive edge in the industry

  • Snapnet


    Snapnet is one of the fastest growing ICT firms in Nigeria and is focused on developing industry specific solutions for clients. The company offers best-in-class innovation, quality, and state-of-the-art technology solutions to clients both in the private and public sectors. The company emphasizes greatly on business and information technology solutions to drive maximum operational growth and effectiveness. This has been one of the reasons for several big players in the market to partner with Snapnet. The company has a global presence through its comprehensive partnerships with Microsoft, CISCO, Dell, IBM, and many other such global leaders to hinge on their cutting-edge technologies to deliver custom solutions to its clientele

  • TeleGroup


    TeleGroup is a technology company specialized for software development, implementation of IT solutions, and infrastructure engineering services, aligned to meet the needs of clients across various industries. Since its inception in 1992, the company has grown into an international system that operates across the European and Middle Eastern markets. The company helps clients by analyzing business processes and implement optimal solutions for connecting, digitizing, automating, and protecting their overall business operations. TeleGroup is dedicated to deliver optimal solutions to all contemporary business challenges with its cutting-edge technology and best practices in the implementation of advanced IT solutions